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Our mission is to help our clients and our team to achieve their goals. Our core purpose is to provide our clients with a full range of services that allows them to grow their businesses, increase turnover, enjoy their families and help them to achieve goals. This means most trusted advisers to clients. We will also help each team member to achieve their own ambitions goals. At HAL we believe in putting our clients at the centre of our business to provide a comprehensive portfolio of accountancy services. We like to take the time to get to know our clients and their businesses, which enables us to decide on how they can be more profitable.

Our Services

Who we are

At HAL our accounting team understands that you want to spend as little time as possible updating your accounts so that you can focus on fulfilling your contracts ,winning new businesses and enjoying your free time. We will help you on your journey with accountancy support and advice to assist you with growing your business. Since 2019, HAL have been working with different businesses of all shapes and sizes across the UK. We have gone to great lengths to deliver a high level of service to new and old clients alike. We are confident that you will find managing your accounts quicker, easier and more convenient.

Our Unique Advantages:

  • Tailored Solutions
  • Dynamic Situations
  • Engaged Leadership
  • Efficient Tax Management

Our Services

Accountancy Support

At HAL, We keep your business compliant, and helping it grow.


Our payroll team become an extension of your business; taking the burden of this time-consuming task.


Our cost-effective VAT compliance and planning services can relieve you of this burden.

Tax Advice

Tax is a hassle. The answer is simple,let us take the pain away.

Legal Consulting

Your case will be unique and may require Legal support on account management.

Company Secretarial

From incorporating a new company to managing compliance with changing local legislation.


Your case will be unique and may require Legal support on account management.

Self Assesment

If you are self-employed, you may gain a significant benefit by having an accountant.

Our Milestones

We benchmark our progress against your goals so you know how near or far you are from your dreams. We help you know when you’re “there”. Your plan is designed to reflect you and your needs. We set the financial plan in the beginning, but we adjust as we go and continue to act as a guide for you to follow. It is designed to be flexible so that it both motivates and creates accountability.


Years of Combained Experience


Happy Customers


Happy Employees

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We are professionals

At HAL, we care about your business. That’s why we’ve continued to expand our services to ensure you get the best from our team. Every business is different whatever its size and we can deliver our full range of services whenever they’re needed. Intense client focus starts with the notion that we’re in the relationship business. Yes it’s personal. But it goes beyond the personal trust factor to forward-thinking advice. We offer innovative ideas and guidance for business improvement. In the end, we’re a resource to help you take care of important things in your business and life.

We are trusted

We know that accountants don‘t have the most exciting image. But we’re genuinely passionate about what we do. We don‘t just provide services; we build lasting relationships that make a real difference to our clients, providing trusted advice and proactive management of your finances Clients need to trust the numbers, have faith in the data and make decisions with confidence. That’s why integrity, in all we do, is imperative. We honour commitments, are truthful in communications and reward ethical behaviour. When in doubt, we take the high road. Clients find that assuring. We hope you will too.

We are experts

At HAL we sum up our values and aims with a simple premise: If our clients are successful, we’ll be a successful accountancy firm. We’re driven to add measurable value with ideas, advice and capabilities that help achieve the results you demand of yourself and others. We are often seen by our clients as “lifestyle planners”, seeing beyond the numbers and help them foresee the future. We work with clients to help them achieve their goals. With our fresh approach to your requirements, our audit, advisory and tax services go beyond what other firms can offer.

Our Clients